Avirex jackets serve as a constant reminder of the iconic streetwear style that came out of the 1990’s. Men’s fashion became increasingly more relaxed and rebellious, giving unique pieces their time in the spotlight. The decade served sportswear turning mainstream and more and more men wearing fits inspired by their icons: Kurt Cobain and Dr. Dre to name a few. The TV Drama Wu Tang: An American Saga, available now on Hulu, explores the idea that 90’s fashion – specifically staple leather jackets – are making a comeback. We say they never left. 


To this day you won’t be able to find a men’s wardrobe devoid of a leather jacket, an outrageously versatile piece. What has carried leather jackets through the decades, is the style’s ability to morph and meet the needs of its owner, whatever their style may be. Men’s leather jackets have been making statements on the likes of musicians, actors, law enforcers, and even cowboys: individuals that would never be grouped together if not for their ways of styling one of the most notable wardrobe staples. Avirex has always continued the leather jacket’s versatility by putting forward quality that exceeds all expectation, while dressing some of the world’s most notable faces in even more notable styles.  


The Wu-Tang Clan is known for being one of the most influential hip-hop groups of all time, releasing what would come to be four gold and platinum studio albums. The group launched the careers of a handful of artists, like Nas and Mobb Deep. The Wu-Tang Clan is almost always referenced when talking about the iconic nature of 1990’s bold fashion scene: their influence extended beyond music and into style. So, there was no surprise when the equally influential Avirex Nitro Run jacket was included in Episode 4 of the recent TV series Wu-Tang: An American Saga. Ranked by Complex Magazine as one of the Greatest ‘90s Fashion Trends, Avirex’s influence on the 1990’s fashion scene parallels that of the Wu-Tang Clan: both unforgettable and enduring. 




Avirex has been recognized as a 90’s fashion staple by more than just the Wu-Tang Clan. Rapper Travis Scott dons the Avirex Palace Jacket in his most recent Netflix film documenting his tumultuous rise to fame. Scott holds influence over millions of people – his style is closely watched and admired. In a time when the concept of retro is one of the hottest fashion trends, it’s clear that Avirex is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.